How do I send a custom price quote to an event organizer?

A quote is proposal you send to leads arriving from the Splacer marketplace. event organizers can accept the quote and enter their payment information resulting in a booked event at your space.
It is typically sent out once you finalized all the event details and the organizer is ready to move forward. 
Quotes can include additional costs like catering, cleaning fees. 
Quotes can not include security deposits. Security deposits should be collected outside of Splacer's platform by the space owners.
You can send a quote by navigating to your messaging area (here), choose the right message, and click on the "Send Quote" button.
Review and update the event details, and click continue.
Next, Fill in the pricing details. Update the event total price, including all extra fees and services you're planning to include to the quote. Please note that this pice will include Splacer commission. You can see the exact payout you'll receive on "Your Payout" line.
A quote has an expiration date. Make sure to fill it in. 
You can set your specific terms in this section. If your booking includes special items, services or fees, make sure to specify it here.
Set your required security deposit here. Important - Security deposit collection is the sole responsibility of the space owner, and is collected outside of Splacer platform. You only specify the security deposit that you require for this event. 
Last - make sure to review or update the excess time hourly fee, and your cancellation policy, and hit "Send Quote" button to send the custom quote to the event organizer.
The event organizer will receive a notification / email from Splacer that you've sent a custom quote, and will be able to book and pay it directly on Splacer's Platform.
Important! Every lead that was originated to you through Splacer platform, must be booked and paid on Splacer's platform. Not following this guideline is a major violation of Splacer's terms, and may result a permanent removal of your account from the platform.
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