How do I add a "Book Now" button to my Facebook page?

Creating a "Book Now" button on your Facebook page is easy! It will automatically capture inquiries and add them to your pipeline. Which means you save time and can manage everything in one place!

(For instructions on how to add a booking form to your website, reach out to your Account Manager or contact us).

1) Click on the "Add a Button" link on your space's Facebook page.


2) Select the "Book Now" option, under "Book Services"


3) Add the following URL, customized with your Splacer space ID number:<SpaceID#>.

You can easily find your space ID number by going to -> Your listings -> select "preview" for the relevant listing. You will find the space # right above your space name. (If you're having trouble please contact your account manager).

For example, if your space # is 1234, the URL should be:


4) Hit save and you're done! The button should now say "Book Now" and will link to your custom booking form, where organizers can provide their information. When they submit the form the inquiry will show up in your pipeline and calendar.


PS - Did you know? We don't charge a service fee for events booked through the Facebook form.





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