How should I respond to a Hot Lead?

So you found an event that you think will be a fit and great for your business - fantastic! What should you do next? Reach out to them, and keep these things in mind:

  • Availability - Make sure your space is available before responding, or suggest dates for an event that is flexible.
  • Introduce yourself - This is likely the first time the organizer has seen your space, so say hello and let them know you’re interested!
  • Make it personal - Address them by name and answer any questions or details they’ve raised in their original inquiry.
  • Stand out from the crowdTell them why their event could work in your space, what makes it unique and why you’re qualified to host the event (maybe you’ve hosted similar events before).
  • Offer the right price - Consider their budget and do your best to stay in that range. Be upfront about what’s included and what might cost extra so that expectations are set.
  • Encourage a response -Suggest next steps in order to continue the conversation, ask if they’d like to come for a site visit or what information they will need to make a decision.

After you respond to a Hot Lead, the organizer will receive an email from Splacer letting them know you’re interested in hosting their event. They’ll also see a few details about your space and a link to your Splacer listing. If you’ve caught their eye they’ll reply to you directly!

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