What do I need to do if my guests stay longer than booked?

Guests sometimes may want to stay past their scheduled end time. It is at the owner's discretion whether to allow a guest to stay overtime or not.

If you decide to offer overtime, please follow these steps:

  1. Communicate the additional charge (if any) through Splacer messaging. Ask the Event Organizer to confirm the additional charge on Splacer messaging as well.
  2. You will need to complete this Splacer Overtime Form, up to 48 hours after the event scheduled end time. Splacer cannot pursue extra charges past this time.
  3. Splacer can collect the overtime charge only when the Event Organizer confirmed the charge over Splacer messaging.
  4. The Event Organizer's credit card on file will be charged for the overtime. The Event Organizer will have 48 hours to dispute the charge, at which time we would contact you directly.
  5. Depending on when the overtime charge was submitted, the payment may be issued in a separate payout.


  • In case you were not able to get the confirmation from the event organizer for the over time charges,  Splacer will not be able to collect the overtime payment. 
  • Splacer's service fees applies to all extra charges including overtime. 
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