Will Coronavirus affect my Performance?

At Splacer our dedication to delivering a safe and trusted marketplace is our top priority along with ensuring our owners and organizers a safe way to book.

Given the health and safety risks presented by this virus, we want to see that our owners have the ability to perform, all the while making organizers feel confident in their booking.
We highly recommend implementing the suggestions below to continue performing under the current circumstances: 

  • Flexible Cancellation - Update your cancellation policy to Flexible for the time being. This will give organizers peace of mind knowing that in the case the virus gets worse, they have the ability to cancel their booking. Keep in mind that spaces with flexible cancellation policies are more likely to book during this time. Edit your listing.
  • Offer to Reschedule - If an organizer is looking to cancel due to the uncertainty surrounding COVID-19, we suggest trying to work with them in finding a new date in the near future before canceling. 
  • Competitive Pricing - Reconsider your pricing. Competitive pricing increases bookings, which may help in achieving your objectives during this time. Edit your listing.
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