What information can I include on my listing?

The information on your space can not include any personal or business identity information. 

Description, Title, and Host Description
Listings may not include:

  • The commercial name of the venue
  • The exact address of the venue
  • Direct contact information of the host or venue
  • Links outside of Splacer
  • Social profiles names
  • Phone numbers or emails

Your Profile Name Must Be First and Last Name
All space owners are expected to provide the full name (first and last name) of the person who will be communicating with Event Organizers.

Space Photos

  • 90% of images must be horizontal
  • Must be high resolution
  • Photos cannot reveal the commercial name of the space
  • Photos cannot include watermarks
  • Photos may not be duplicates or unreasonably similar and must only display usable space

Be sure to check out Splacer’s tips on how to best showcase your space! To complete your listing, please log into your Splacer account, proceed to “Your Listings in the upper right-hand corner drop-down menu, edit and complete your listing by providing the missing information and making the necessary edits.


The Splacer Team

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